2016 – 2017 SCFC Open Foil Circuit Challenge

Leaderboard for the 2015-2016 season of the SCFC Open Foil Circuit Challenge.

Each Circuit Challenge consists of 10 monthly competitions - held September through June. Results are tabulated and points are earned based on final placing in each event. The season champion receives a trophy and victory celebration at the end of the season.

The schedule of events for the SCFC Open Foil Circuit is posted on the SCFC website as well as www.askfred.net (tournament database for US-based events). This series of events is open to any fencer aged 13 or older as of January 1st of the current fencing season. Registration is $5 for each event and medals go out to the top 4 finalists.

Point Calculation: Total Entries - Final Place - 1 [1st place: +50%, 2nd place: +25%, 3rd(ties) places: +10%]

Example: In a tournament of 20 fencers, 1st place would receive 30 points, 2nd would receive 24, 3rd/4th would receive 20, 5th would receive 16, 6th would receive 15, etc.

Column Label: # of Circuit Challenge (1-10) and (number of participants)

Fencer#1 (15)#2 (20)#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10Total Points
Chang, Tingkai11
Chao, Angel1111
Cheng, Alex1414
Cheng, Matthew1592549
Cole, Leah66
Cripps, Kendra448
Dumaine, Matilda382536
Elliott, Tyler9201544
Ge, Katelyn55
Goel, Ashwin178
Goel, Vansh224
Goldade, Luke81018
Kelly, Benjamin2323
Kim, Isaiah7131232
Kohira, Kazuki61622
Muttaqi, Aliyah1010
Muttaqi, Aminah111526
Navarro, Reynaldo303666
Nicholson, Carl242953
Pong, Caleb235
Pong, Timothy44
Procopio, Greg15161546
Silberman, Justin1212
Simpkin, Leo2020
Wilkens, Zachary1818
Woodworth, Matthew71219
Yeung, Micah538
Lai, Annika2020
Chamoun, Ramzi1919
Keeney, Jeff1818
Hamada, Bronson1717
Alzahrani, Abdulwahab1313
Nam, Michael1010
Etzel, Benjamin99
Vallabhaneni, Sai88
Elicker, Josie66
Lotz, Jared55
Lai, Evelyn11